Some Frequently asked question that you might have as well

Some Frequently asked question that you might have as well

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What makes Halvar different from others?

We are dedicated to green ! Our entire business is based on sustainability 🙂
All our hosting is GDPR / AVG / DSVGO safe. We are a fully independent hoster.
Also: we have in house deep WordPress knowledge and many open source relations.

What are some features that are special in your hosting packages?

Next to the 200% energy match: We have litespeed & cloudlinux hosting, with accelerateWP and free X-Ray tracer. 14 days full backup restores with ease. All covered by an always-on anti-DDOS filter.
And .. we have separate static HTML only hosting as well.

Do you have specific features for WordPress?

Yes we do! Our hosting comes with composer (drush via composer), git, SSH, rsync, crons and WP-CLI. Also we have accelerateWP and LiteSpeed to speed up your site even more!

How do you get to the 200% green energy match?

Using green energy for our servers is the easy part, which is the first 100%. We go beyond with ( note: this is *not* a complete list ): The datacenter in Rotterdam has a PUE of as low as 1.15, rest heat is used to heat nearby offices saving 800.000 of cubic meters of gas each year.
Each virtual server gets 5 justdiggit bunds ( for example the certificate of VM223 can be viewed here ) resulting in up to 10500 litres of water that can be retained and 620m2 of refreened land!
Our business cards are downsized, we have 1 plastic each, which can be QR or NFC scanned by you. Our bank is also a sustainable bank (ASN).
We use a mix of refurbished hardware and new. Our laptops for instance are 2nd hand and we repair our phones.
We travel by train and bus, avoiding the plane, even for WordCamp where we can ( and yes we can in many many times ). We even compensate the bus as well.
All our servers are visualized. We have WAF firewalling and anti-DDOS filtering to reduce serverload (and therefore consuming less energy).
Our goodies are sustainable (glass, wood, re-usable) and our shirts and physical banners do not have an event name so we can re-use them next event!
On events we use low powered second have raspberry pi’s to deliver slideshows.

Do you have plan restrictions such as the amount of visitors?

Each plan has a predetermined amount of storage, main domains and simultaneous usage of processor (monitored by cloudlinux) and RAM memory (also monitored by cloudlinux). Each plan has a FUP of datatraffic, which somes down to 1 TB each month. Contact us if you need a tailor made plan.

What is the first time to byte your platform?

Our servers are based in the EU. Currently in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), we are looking at expansion in Germany as well.
Feel free to test this demo WordPress & Drupal websites with some standard plugins/modules. No extra caching is in place in these demo sites. On your site you can use Litespeed Cache.
You are absolutely invited to use a proxy caching with CDN/WAF setup like Nitropack, Cloudflare or Sucuri for instance.

How fast is your stack?

We use processors with a high frequency clock and machines with redundant local enterprise NVME storage. The physical servers have a failover node and the network is redundantly set up. All PHP servers are equipped with Litespeed. We also offer a CDN.

Can we apply easy upgrades to our hosting packages?

Yes, you can upgrade via our hosting customerpanel.

Do you offer in depth support for my site?

Halvar is an open source hoster. That means that you are free to install Drupal, WordPress, Symphony and so on. We will help you with any general question. If you have a question that needs programming for instance, you might be best off by hiring a web developer or agency such as listed at our partner page.

Do you offer free TLS / SSL certificates?

Yes we do, we use lets encrypt. We use extremely strong ECC which is not only more efficient for the server but also are harder to break than traditional RSA/DSA ones.

What type of hosting panel are you using?

We offer cPanel by default, but we also ship our application servers with DirectAdmin, Plesk or even without hosting panel if you would rather not have one at all.

How do you make sure my WordPress site software is up to date?

We use WP toolkit from cPanel with Smart update enabled. Auto updates are done on a clone of your site. If the build in checks are OK then these will be performed on you live site.

Do you migrate my site?

As we are an open source hoster we cannot unfortunately. One of our professional partners will be ready for your request.

Do you offer emailhosting?

No we do not, we highly recommend Prontonmail, Startmail or Soverin.

Where are your backups stored?

We use a system for easy -almost- one-click restores. All backups are encrypted and then safely stored on Contabo storage in Germany.
We offer 14 days full backup retention.

Do you offer a 30 day trial?

Yes we do 🙂

Which PHP versions do you offer?

We offer PHP 8.0 and up, with an easy PHP selector.

Do you offer anti-DDOS filtering?

Our servers are protected by firewalling in the datacenter and use always-on anti-DDOS filtering.

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