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Website Sustainability Analysis

Gain great insights on your website to reduce the mount of emissions. Receive a tailor made report that will tell you how to improve your site. This analysis is brought to you by us and our partners.

Pricing starts at 300 euros ex VAT.

Contact us for your own website sustainability analysis.

Go Static with our pure HTML only hosting

Dramatically reduce the amount of emissions by using pure HTML only hosting. Bonus: static hosting also removes the PHP attack vector on your site!
Upload your own build HTML version or statically generated sites and make a real difference.

All accounts are shipped with: rsync, SSH and SFTP, TLS v1.3 ECC certifiates, git versioning, DDOS protection, .htaccess directory password protection, 14 day backup retention and plenty of data traffic each month.
Go global with a free service like cloudflare. We do not force any branding or banners. Green GDPR safe hosting, your data is your’s.

In stores now! Order here, Lots of green storage for a competitive price.

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