An affiliate program that will make you very happy.

Our affiliate program is a cornerstone of our business model, allowing individuals or businesses like you to benefit from promoting our sustainable web hosting services. As a provider of eco-friendly web hosting solutions, we prioritize minimizing our environmental footprint while offering top-notch hosting services. Our hosting infrastructure supports a variety of technologies, including PHP, MySQL, and Node.js, enabling compatibility with numerous open-source systems like Drupal, Matomo and WordPress.

The standout feature of our affiliate system is the generous payout of 25% after the warranty period. This high commission rate makes our program particularly enticing for potential affiliates. Signing up is hassle-free, requiring only a free account and access to a unique affiliate link available in your account dashboard. This simplicity combined with the substantial commission rate makes our program an attractive option for those looking to earn from referrals.

Affiliates have the freedom to craft their own promotional content, including text and links on their websites or other platforms. This flexibility allows you to tailor your promotions to your audience’s preferences, enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Additionally, our system tracks referrals for up to three months after the initial click, ensuring that you receive credit for conversions even if they occur after the initial visit. This extended tracking period maximizes your earning potential and incentives ongoing promotion efforts.

In essence, our affiliate program offers a win-win scenario for affiliates and our company alike. Affiliates have the opportunity to earn significant commissions by promoting our sustainable web hosting services, while we benefit from increased brand exposure and customer acquisition. With its straightforward signup process, high commission rate, and flexible promotional options, our affiliate program stands out as an attractive opportunity for individuals looking to monetize their online presence while supporting eco-friendly hosting solutions.

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